Speak and communicate with confidence

Be more effective in the office or on the go with the best language learning methods – learn languages quickly with services that are tailored to your needs. Communication in different languages provides an insight into the understanding of different cultures and experiences hence a multilingual becomes multicultural in nature. Since languages don’t operate in […]

Multilingualism is becoming a social norm in Kosovo Benefits of Multilingualism in Kosovo

By using the ‘double first language acquisition’ model children with parents constantly speaking different languages in Kosovo grow up being equally fluent and comfortable with the two home languages and can even learn a third and fourth language. We focused on the home contexts; this is also practical in the classroom contexts whereby students who […]

Kosovo promotes language learning and linguistic diversity across country and region through Institute of Foreign Language Education

Institute of Foreign Language Education supports research and survey of multilingualism practices, its consequences, its benefits in education and discussions on the appropriate ways towards its achievement in education. Multilingualism refers to speaking more than one language competently. Kosovo officially declared a multilingual country with Albanian, Serbian, Turkish and English as official languages. Multilingualism exhibits […]